The online kinky dating world can easily be overwhelming to a lot of people especially those who are just starting out their adventures on it. One of the main reasons behind this is that there are really thousands of people on a single kinky dating site and searching for the one person that you would want to have your online sexual experiences with may be quite difficult. If you are an online fetish finder who does not want to waste that much time in your searches and ultimately be more successful in it, then you should really consider making use of spanking personals. These spanking personals are pretty much personal ads of people who are interested in a bit of rough online sexual interactions and this would easily make it any kinky online dater’s best friend.

girl with latex skirt on spanking personals

These spanking personals can make your search much easier because it allows you to screen the searches that you make and pretty much make them more accurate to the dating tastes that you have. This is how it can narrow down the search results that you get and present you with a great opportunity to interact with people who have a much higher online dating chemistry with you. Now for you to maximize the benefits that you get with these spanking personals during your searches, it is really important that you are able to stick to the online dating preferences that you have as well as the interests that you have in your life. Such an approach would definitely be much faster and more fruitful than having to search page by page in the member’s page of your kinky online dating site.

Another benefit that you would get by making use of these spanking personals is a much higher chance of getting found by other online daters on the site that you are in. Keep in mind that a lot of online kinky daters already know that personal ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways of finding a date online. By making your own personal ads as well, you would be able to give yourself a chance to get searched by these people as well and that means that you are doubling your efficiency when it comes to finding a date on these kinky online dating sites.

It needs to be said however that most of the sites that offer these spanking personals may charge for the use of this service. This is not a big deal at all because most of their prices, especially the decent and reliable sites charge very reasonable prices for them. Above all, the benefits that you would get from them would certainly make your investment very worth it. Just try to consider the amount of time that you would be able to save on your searches which you can ultimately allocate to other more important tasks in your online dating experience such as making solid strategies or pretty much enjoying your experience to the fullest. So the next time you date online on these kinky dating sites, do try to get these personal ads because you would really be helping yourself a lot by doing so.

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Femdom Dating: Is It Your Thing?

by BDSM Dating Guide

in Femdom

The femdom dating or fetish singles was not much of a buzz, well, not until now of course. If we go back to the history of our civilization, the male species have always been looked upon as the ones who possess greater power over everyone else. They were mostly the rulers, leaders, founders, presidents, dictators and whatever name you wish to call that person whose voice was heard at every corner and whose words were believed and followed. In short, they were very dominant. They were the ones who were thought of carrying the name of the family, the heir to the throne, the breadwinner, the only hope. They were the ones who were given the privilege to go to school and learn, to train and be skilled as well as to work and earn. They were prioritized at almost every way possible. They were definitely the lucky ones. But change is said to be the only permanent thing in this world. So that was then. This time it is different.

very sexy femdom with leash

If ever that ancient belief was still brought up nowadays, a swarm of negative reactions will most likely to emerge. And those will definitely come from the lipstick coated mouths of the women in the society. As the world evolved, the idea about men being above women has changed. Because if you continue believing that, you will be mocked as a sexist or those people who discriminate other people because of their gender and how being a male or a female affects the contributions they give to the world.

From the more complex government positions, family trees and favoritisms, men over women have also changed when it comes to relationships. That is where femdom dating gets into the picture. Femdom dating or a female led relationship is already becoming rampant nowadays. It is where the man submits himself to the hands of the female. In other words, she is the boss. She is in control of her partner and the relationship as a whole. It has been a frequently asked question whether or not it is the proper thing for couples who live with a male chastity lifestyle for the female to take over.

In order to maintain understanding and somehow equality, both the partners should agree to whatever terms and conditions they have decided on. They must settle on something concrete in order to have a solid foundation for the betterment of them being together. The basic of femdom dating or female led relationship is where the day to day life of the man is managed by the female partner. Oftentimes but not all the time, this includes the control of his sex life, money, time and even how he carries himself. This can happen 24 hours a day and seven days a week male slavery existence in a relationship.

Although a lot of men find satisfaction in this kind of set up to the point of fantasizing about it, only few of them really get this in real life. It is still for the couple to decide on which direction will their relationship go. They key is to sit down, discuss and agree on what are the best things for both of them.

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bondage dating - blond dirty woman cuffed in chains

Bondage dating can be an exciting and fulfilling to bdsm singles. However, there will be times that your safety can be compromised. While a little pain can feel good for us, we should also consider our safety. After all, we wouldn’t get to have another sexually fulfilling experience if we end up severely hurting ourselves (or worse!) in a session right?

Even in online bondage dating, there are still precautions that we should all take into consideration. This is to make sure that we don’t end up putting our lives in danger while fulfilling our sexual fantasies. There is really nothing wrong with pursuing these fantasies as long as we know how to keep ourselves safe in the process. For a little heads up, here are some tips and pointers about bondage.

When meeting for the first time, don’t do any bondage sessions

Your excitement can make you do things that you will later on regret. When meeting someone for the first time, do not do any bondage activity just yet. Instead, take your time in getting to know them and figure out if you do feel comfortable with them. This should be your priority when you meet someone for the first time.

Avoid rushing into a bondage session

Even if you might be a little excited about your bondage session, you should control yourself and wait for the right time. Do not just go rushing into a session without getting to know your partner first. Bondage personals usually have an email or IM feature so make sure that you use these features to your advantage. Try talking on the phone with your partner before you decide to meet for a bondage session. Your partner’s voice can tell a lot about their personality.

Do not get into hardcore bondage right away

When doing a bondage session with someone for the first time, make sure that you only do light bondage until you are both comfortable. When you think that you are both comfortable, this is the time when you can take it to the next level. Additionally, it would also be unwise to get yourself in a bondage position that is impossible to get out; especially if it is your first time.

bondage dating sites scam

Sign up and participate only in legit online bondage sites

There is no better way of ensuring your safety than making sure that you are signed up in a legit online bondage site. As the internet is so full of scams nowadays, there is a possibility of signing up in a fake bondage site. As a result of this, you will either end up getting ripped off or you will end up making a total fool out of yourself. Exercise caution when choosing which bondage site you should register on. It may be quite awkward but try asking some people that you know that are also into bondage.

Although some of these might be too obvious, some of us might end up overlooking them because of the excitement that they will feel when a certain someone contacts them for a bondage session. So don’t go diving head first and use your common sense before doing something that you might regret in the future.


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Find Femdom and Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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