Fetish Dating Sites

When it comes to fetish dating sites, it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are genuine and which ones are fake vanilla websites masquerading around under the fetish umbrella which is why we are proud to help you sift through all the junk and present to you a collection of just the fetish dating sites worth your attention.

We have hand selected each and every one of the sites appearing on this page and we have personally signed up to each one of them in order to write the unbiased reviews presented below. Because our reviews are based on actual personal experiences, you can trust them to be accurate and very reliable.

The Reviews of Online Fetish Dating Sites

Alt.com Alt.com rating

Alt.com bills itself as “the most dynamic alternative lifestyle community” and we are pleased to report that they do actually live up to everything they promise and a whole lot more…

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Alt.com Official Site

BDSM.com BDSM.com rating

If you believe that beauty is pain and that any pain you feel at the hands of someone else especially when you’re tied up is so worth it, then we think you’ll love hanging out with the crowd at BDSM.com…

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BDSM.com Official Site

BDSM Singles BDSM Singles rating

Up for review today is BDSM Singles, a site that proudly bills itself as the “premier BDSM dating community”…

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BDSMSingles.com Official Site

Alt Dating Alt Dating rating

If you’ve got a fetish that the rest of the world would frown upon or you feel you can’t share with anyone for fear of being judged, then we suggest you run to AltDating.org because they have people just like waiting eagerly to meet you…

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AltDating.org Official Site

BDSM Dating Personals BDSM Dating Personals rating

BDSM Dating Personals claims to be the “top online fetish personals service” and whether that is true or not depends on what you’re searching for. If you’re searching for UK like-minded people…

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BDSMDatingPersonals.com Official Site

Fetish Date Link Fetish Date Link rating

If walking on the wilder, naughtier and darker side of life appeals to you, then you’ll find like-minded people waiting to hook up with you at Fetish Date Link…

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FetishDateLink.com Official Site

Fet Life Fet Life rating

What if there was a site like Facebook but for people who prefer the fetish lifestyle? Well, that site exists. It’s called Fet Life…

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FetLife.com Official Site

BDSM Personal BDSM Personal rating

BDSM Personal dot net is mainly for the UK people who have chosen to live a very alternative lifestyle outside what society considers “normal”. This is the premier corner…

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BDSMPersonal.net Official Site

Collar Me Collar Me rating

Masters and slaves understand the importance of being collared and if you’re one of the few people who truly understand and appreciate collaring, you’ll be right at home at Collar Me…

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CollarMe.com Official Site

BDSM Sex Dates BDSM Sex Dates rating

BDSM Sex Dates is where members living the BDSM lifestyle go to meet real people looking for sex. The site’s page is very colorful…

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BDSMSexDates.com Official Site

Bondage.com Bondage.com rating

If the words “tied up” get you hot under the collar and extremely turned on, then you need to run to Bondage.com and sign up for a membership immediately. The site claims…

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Bondage.com Official Site

We did not get compensated for the reviews below and we are not sales people trying to shove a membership down your throat. On the contrary, we are freaks like you who just want you to make an informed decision when it comes to where you can meet other like-minded people to have kinky adult fun with.

The fetish personals websites we reviewed cover a wide range of fetishes from BDSM to master/slave relationships, spanking, humiliation, bondage and so much more. The central theme on all of them is the BDSM lifestyle but there are specific groups in each of the sites to cater to whatever part of the lifestyle you are interested in.

Membership to each of the sites above isn’t limited to just women alone. Men can also join the websites and couples are encouraged to join in all the fun as are transgendered people. There is such a variety of people available and ready to hook up with you across the those dating sites that your little black book of sex dates will be filled up from now until the end of the year!