Fet Life Review


What if there was a site like Facebook but for people who prefer the fetish lifestyle? Well, that site exists. It’s called Fet Life and its up for review today. We were lucky enough to get unparalleled access to this monster of a social network and we are happy to report that it is full of freaky people eager to hook up with someone like you. The site tag line says it’s a “BDSM and fetish community for kinksters by kinksters” and anyone with a secret fetish is more than welcome to sign up as long as you agree to abide by the community guidelines.

fetlife join

FetLife Registration – Click to Enlarge


Membership at FetLife is only open to adults over 18 years of age and the sign up process is one of the easiest we have ever encountered. There is only one form to fill out and even though it’s long, it’s also a very straight-forward form that asks for the basic information like your location, who you are and what you’re searching for. You also have to be prepared to provide your email address and to select a password. The final stage in registration is confirmation that you’re human and that is done by utilizing a captcha code as well as solving a simple mathematical equation. Upon passing those two crucial steps, you will then be granted access to FetLife.com.


This is a free site so you will never be asked to pay a fee to sign up for any of the features. The color scheme is perfect for the kind of community this particular site caters to. Its black with a dark shade of grey and the writing is in white, grey and red with the latter signifying intense passion.

FetLife is also very well organized and not in the least bit cluttered at all. There is a main feed right down the middle of the page that directs you to some sections of the site that may be of interest to you. These sections include a link to the most popular groups as well as a link to meet local freaky people. There is even a link to the Kinky and Popular section that is not to be missed at all costs.

One thing we couldn’t help but notice is the humorous text sprinkled all over the site. Even though the theme is dark, some of the text is quite funny and will have you in stitches while you surf around. At the very top is a status box where you can let the whole world know exactly what is on your kinky mind. You can also use this box to upload a picture or video and share it with your friends or the public as a whole.

fetlife members

FetLife Member’s Area – Click to Enlarge

Additionally, to your left are two features you definitely want to make note of and that is the “stuff you love” section where you can stash away all of your favorite pictures or videos and revisit them as often as you want. The other is the “Requests” section where you can easily review the friendship requests sent to you and decide whether to approve them, deny them or ignore them completely.

The best way to meet like-minded people is by browsing through all the other profiles and dropping your guard long enough to message people offering what you’re searching for. They may be in your local area or in other towns but thanks to an advanced search feature, you will have no problem finding them and contacting them.

There are tons and tons of groups catering to different fetishes and there is no limit to the number of groups you can join as a member so find a few groups that pique your interest and join in the discussions. One of the most awesome things we discovered during our review is you don’t have to get a different log-in for each group, your log-in information to Fet Life is all you need to get into all the groups and forums.

Another really cool feature on this site is the events section where you can find local events that are usually free to all members. This is a good way to meet individuals who like what you like.


We tried really hard to find at least one thing we did not like about this site but failed miserably (maybe it isn’t primary dating site) as it is well done and has all the bases of a social networking site covered from top to bottom. So in conclusion therefore, forget about Facebook and other social networks that simply waste your time and stick with FetLife because it is a very vibrant alternative social networking site where people with various sexual fetishes meet to trade kinky tales and play. The site is free to join and that fact alone makes it worth recommending.