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If you are dating someone that you met through alt personals that end up to have strange fetishes, do not panic or get alarmed right away. This is because it is only normal for people to have different things that turn them on. It is a fact is that there are some things that turn us on that we can’t even explain the reasons why. They simply turn us on. If you only found out that your partner has these fetishes recently, don’t go telling him to sign up in bdsm personals. Instead, you have to know how to deal with your partner. Yes, you can get disgusted or confused at first but you should bear feeling first as I am pretty sure they will disappear once you get to understand your partner a little better.

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Many people end up leaving their partners because of the fact of them having strange fetishes. They disregard their reasons why they dated their partners in the first place because of these strange fetishes. While some of them might be reasonable, most of them doesn’t justify why they had to leave their partner for that. To help the confused ones, here are some tips and pointers:

1. Accept the fact that your partner has strange fetishes

Try to understand their reasons why they have these strange fetishes. In learning as much as you can about their strange fetishes, you might also be able to appreciate and indulge in these fetishes yourself. Don’t view their strange fetishes negatively even if they are quite different.

2. If accepting your partner’s strange fetishes is not an option for you, you can ignore them

This is one of the choices that I really don’t suggest but I think it is still worth mentioning. This is one of the worst choices for me because in doing this, you will possibly make your partner feel that you are not appreciated and not valued. As a result of this, your relationship will most likely fall apart in the near future.

3. If you are both in an open relationship, allow them to fulfill these fetishes with other people

Of course, this isn’t an option for couples that are not in an open relationship. If you are too disturbed by the fact that your partner has strange fetishes, this is a great way to make them fulfill their fetishes without getting yourselves involved. Like, I said a little while ago, this isn’t for couples that are open to this idea.

4. If you really can’t accept your partner’s strange fetishes, tell them

Telling your partner upfront that you can’t accept their strange fetishes is probably the best option for you if you want your partner to know that you don’t want to be part of their strange fetishes. Tolerating their attitude will only spoil them and make them worse in the future. Doing so isn’t really advisable if you yourself are uncomfortable with these certain fetishes that they have.

The fact that you met your partner through alt personals doesn’t mean that they won’t have strange fetishes. The key to having a successful relationship with them is by keeping an open mind. You’ll never know how good an experience can be without trying it out yourself.

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